Ella Travolta’s post about dad John Travolta makes fans incredibly emotional

John Travolta's daughter made an emotional post about her dad, revealing how things have not been easy since Kelly Preston's death. Praying for this family!


John Travolta, one of the most famous names in the world of film, has suffered a number of tragedies in his life.

Following the passing of his wife of 28 years, Kelly Preston, who lost her life in 2020 after battling breast cancer for two years, Travolta, who is adored by many not only for his iconic roles, like that of greaser Danny Zuko among the rest, but also because of his nature and devotion to his family, has been a single father.

Despite the tragedies that affected him deeply, including the tragic loss of his son Jett who suffered a seizure and passed away while the family was vacationing in the Bahamas, Travolta needs to stay positive because of his two children, daughter Ella and son Benjamin.

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That the 69-year-old actor is a devoted father is common knowledge. Over the years, he has never missed a chance to share his love for his children publicly by reminding them how important they are for him. The beautiful thing is that Ella and Benjamin do the same.

Ella, who followed into her famous parents’ footsteps and is an actress herself, describes her dad as the most important person in her life and her role model.

On his birthday this year, she posted a picture of her cheek-to-cheek with her father with the caption, “Yesterday marked the birthday of my hero. The most incredible father, friend, and role model anyone could ask for. I love you, Daddy❤️❤️❤️’”

Travolta, as expected, commented on the touching post writing, “I love you too my dearest Ella. More than you know.”

Many fans got emotional over the outpouring of love between the father and daughter and couldn’t help by comment. One person wrote, “You are so blessed to have him as your hero and have such an awesome relationship. So very few girls have this with their fathers! Cherish it as it we’re fine treasure because it is!” Another added, “I admire you Ella You Are your fathers keeper much like many of us! Please keep watching over him. He’s an amazing person with an amazing heart and so much love to give.”

Ella also paid tribute to her dad on Father’s day. “You make parenting look so easy, though it not always is,” Ella wrote in the caption. “Every day better than the one before” she added, describing her dad as her “best friend.” She concluded by saying, “I hope to be even half as good of a parent as you someday” before wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

Ella is known for the movies Old Dogs (2009) and The Poison Rose (2019). “Since I was very little, I’ve loved performing, singing, dancing and putting on shows at home for my family and friends,” she told People.

We wish the Travolta family only the best life brings.

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