Electrician fixes couple’s broken heat for free

The couple posted on their church group asking for prayers. Instead, they got this man.


During cold winter days, the only thing we really want to do is stay in and enjoy the warmth and the coziness of our place. This is what the Lemonds planned on doing on a bitter day, but their plans were ruined because of a huge problem with their heating. 

It turned out that it stopped working because of a fire hazard. The wires of the house were the original ones, and since the place was built years ago, the whole installation needed to be changed.

Both Stacey and Josh were aware what needed to be done, but they didn’t have the finances because they were both unemployed at the time. 

This religious couple found salvation in the prayer. They knew if they devote themselves to God and pray together with the rest of the members of their church, a solution would somehow come along the way.  

They shared their problem with the church marriage group and eventually, God sent an angel disguised in a human who did an amazing thing for this couple. 

Joshua Matthews is a member of the Lemonds’ church. Although they didn’t know him personally they used to help him by bringing warm meals for him and his wife who was sick back then. When they prepared those delicious dishes for his family, they never assumed their kindness will go a long way. 

Joshua was an apprentice with Dane Electric and was more than happy to step in. He simply couldn’t allow the spouses spend their days in the cold house. It took him a couple of days to finish everything, because it did require a lot of effort to be put in the change of the installation and the heating. But Joshua never complained. On the contrary, he was glad he was there for someone in need. 

After everything was in perfect order once again, Joshua and his company told the Lemonds how it was all for free. They didn’t need to pay even a penny. Needless to say, the family was beyond grateful for the kindness and generosity they were offered. 

A couple of days later, Joshua and his crew returned to Josh and Stacy’s place for what they believed was a routine inspection. But it turned out they were part of something huge. 

Joshua who served the country as a soldier in Afghanistan now served his friends and showed once again how amazing of a person he is. He deserves all the gratitude in this world.

Take a look at the surprise he is about to get.