Elderly man gets greeted by “a friend” who crawls out of the ice every day

The elderly man went out to the ice and that's when the unique friendship began.


What makes a good friend? Is it someone you share similar interests or passions with? Someone who understand you and is there when you need them the most? Well. the truth is that friendship can sometimes happen between the most unlike friends. If you don’t trust us, just take a look at the following story.

A man named Seppo Laamanen from Finland, 65, got outside of his home one day just to spot a strange animal standing at his door. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized the creature was a wild otter. Clearly undernourished, it was obvious the otter was looking for some food.

Source: YouTube/ StoryTrender

Seppo was kind enough to give his visitor some warms and fish. Once the otter filled its belly, it went away. Seppo was sure it was a one time encounter, but he couldn’t be more wrong. The otter kept coming and started feeling more and more comfortable around Seppo.

Even today, the sweet animal pays its human friend a visit every now and then. Isn’t that adorable?

For more on this heartwarming story which teaches us that true friendship knows no limits go to the video below. You are going to love it, that’s for sure!