Elderly lady carrying heavy bags didn’t expect such kindness from a group of football players

May God bless these young people for their hearts of gold.


The kindness we offer to others in times of need is what truly makes this world go round. And I don’t speak of the type of kindness we do in order to receive something in return, but of those seemingly insignificant acts we do when no one’s watching and which often go a long way no matter how small they seem.

On his way home, a man noticed an elderly lady and her grandchildren carrying some heavy bags. They were probably getting back from the grocery store and were now struggling to make adjustments in carrying the bags and probably got tired as they made a few stops.

Source: Facebook/John Butler

Just as the man decided to get to the lady and offer her a ride, he noticed the St. Augustine High football players approaching her. Despite being exhausted from the training they had just had, they took the woman’s belongings and carried them for her and her grandkids. Five blocks later, the lady got to her home and thanked the footballers for their help.

Isn’t it beautiful to see young people doing the right thing?

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