Dying baby has only weeks to live, his parents are trying to complete his bucket list

Doctors told his parents that he had between two and twelve weeks to live.


There is no greater pain than that of losing a child. Watching your most precious jewel struggle and fights for their life while there is nothing you can do to ease their pain has to be the most heartbreaking thing ever. Unfortunately, some parents experience this heartbreak and are forced to say that last goodbye to their child.

Christine and Chris McArdle received devastating news when they were told their 9-month-old baby boy Brice had Embryonal tumors with multilayered rosettes (ETMR). He had to undergo a number of surgeries and chemo treatments, but that didn’t help much. Instead, the parents were told that there was nothing left to be done and that sweet Brice had between two to twelve weeks to live.

Source: Facebook/Chris McArdle

Instead of spending that time crying, Christine and Chris decided to make the most out of it and complete a bucket list which included a bunch of fun activities.

On Monday, they went to America’s biggest mall where Brice could spend some time playing at the kid-friendly attractions, including merry-go-round.

They also visited a science museum, a railroad museum, and had Star Wars experience.

Source: Facebook/Chris McArdle

Brice spent most of his final days at hospice and his mom and dad took as much time off of work as they could, with their colleagues donating work shifts and even money.

Chris said, “We got the news that basically it’s a done deal, we both just decided we are not gonna work. We are going to spend every waking moment with him we can and we trust God with the results of that.” Christine added, “All the things we imagined doing with Brice, all in one four to twelve week period. All the things we thought we’d be doing when he was a toddler, we want to do now.”

Source: Facebook/Chris McArdle

Unfortunately, baby Brice died on August 10 and left his parents’ hearts filled with grief. They are glad his last days were filled with fun. Rest in peace, little one.