During her trip to Bosnia, her last of that kind, Princess Diana comforted a grieving mother crying over her son’s grave

We miss Princess Diana each and every day. May she rest in peace.


There are plenty of stories that testify of the greatness of people’s favorite and most loved princess, late Lady Di.

This incredible woman may be gone, but her legacy, her love for her people, and the kindness she spread wherever she went will live in our memories forever.

Being a royal didn’t prevent Princess Diana from spending time among the people listening to their stories and problems and going above and beyond to ease their lives. It isn’t surprising that she was known as The People’s Princess.

In the HBO documentary titled “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy,” which was released almost 20 years after her tragic death that shook the world and left millions mourning, Jerry White, who accompanied the Princess together with Ken Rutherford on a trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia just weeks after her death, speaks of an incredibly touching encounter between Lady Di and a grieving mother who lost her son in the war.

The purpose of the trip was to raise awareness concerning landmines and to meet with some of the people affected by landmines.


White recalled that a visit of a cemetery wasn’t planned, but Princess Diana wanted one.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, White shared what happened on the last day of their visit.

“The image of her in a cemetery in Sarajevo, on the last day of our three-day trip [still haunts me]. It wasn’t planned. It was never on the itinerary. But Diana told me three times, ‘I can’t get this picture of me in a cemetery out of my mind.’

“She asked me if there was a cemetery nearby, as it was something we should visit. ‘Jerry, I have this feeling, this image of me in a cemetery, it’s strange.’ We were running late for a final reception, and there was no room for this detour, but Princess Diana seemed adamant, mysteriously.

“So, we drove out of the way to the former Olympic stadium that had become a massive graveyard for those killed during the war. I watched as Diana took her place among hundreds of tombstones. It was eerie, now that I reflect on it. She walked slowly, among tombstones and even yellow rose bushes.

“She met a Bosnian mother tending to the grave of her son, grieving visibly. Diana didn’t speak Bosnian, and this mother didn’t know English. So, they just embraced. So intimately, so physical, so emotional, mother-to-mother.”

Princess Diana lost her life only a few weeks after that trip. “After her death in Paris only weeks later, I came to wonder whether the Princess intuited her own death, her burial. I don’t know, but maybe, psychically, intuitively, Diana sensed she was going to die. It still gives me chills when I recall this powerful, unscripted, unplanned moment, somehow prescient.”

Our Princess’ heart was pure. She was the kindest and the most humble person that has ever walked this Earth. We miss her each and every day.