Dr. Travis Opens Up About the “Special Lady” in His Life

Dr. Travis Stork got really emotional when he got to share with the world the story of his loving girl.


Every person has a softer side, and no matter how strong someone might seem to be, things that come along our way have the power to weaken and even crush us, and that’s fine, because at the end of the day, we are just humans. 

In the recent interview of our beloved Dr. Travis Stork, he showed his audience how everyone has the right to shed tears of either pain or joy every once in a while. The prominent TV figure and a co-host of the show The Doctors got really emotional when he got to share with the world the story of his loving girl. 


He told the audience how his girl’s health issues and struggles left him heartbroken. Everyone says how this side of the Doctor only speaks of him as an emotional person whose life was deeply affected because of Nala’s condition. And it’s perfectly normal to feel that way, because once you develop a strong bond with someone, they remain a huge part of your life even after they are no longer part of it. 


Dr. Travis and his lovely dog Nala have been best companions for more than seventeen years. The moment she entered his life, she made it better. He is proud to be called this awesome creature’s father.

When he talks about her, he describes her as loyal, gentle, and kind. A wonderful dog anyone would ask for. A real blessing.


Nala provided comfort for her human daddy and friend whenever he needed it. She could make all the pain and stress easily go away with a single bark or simply by wagging her tail. 

Unfortunately, during the interview, her condition was very bad and she was living her last days, and by the time it aired on TV, Nala passed away. 


Losing a pet is very hard and brings unbearable pain in the life of the owner. It’s like a huge part of their heart is lost forever. 

The interview shows the impact and the influence a pet can have on a person’s life. It will give more clearer picture about their importance to everyone who ever dared to say, “it’s just a pet.”


Watch Dr. Travis’ interview in the video below. It will definitely move you to tears.