Donkey overwhelms with emotions after seeing girl who raised him in touching footage

As the girl gets closer to the gate, the donkey realizes he's looking at a familiar face.


One of the things humans did right is the many connections they managed to establish with different kids of animals. As we are used to keeping dogs and cats as pets, other animals, such as horses and donkeys, can make awesome friends too.

Donkeys for example are very special creatures. One thing that characterizes their nature, according to Donkey Sanctuary, is their ability to make long-time friends with those of their kind, although it’s not unusual for them to bond with horses and mules, too. However, in case they lose the friend they made strong connection with, it can be damaging for them. As per the Donkey Sanctuary if they get separated from their companions, it can easily cause stress which can lead to the dangerous condition of hyperlipaemia, characterized by an excess of fat in the bloodstream.

Source: YouTube

Donkeys are easy to train because they are fast learners. They also do great around humans if they are approached the right way.

The donkey from this story has been raised by the family of a girl who liked the animal very much. After not having seen each other for quite some time, the girl and the donkey reunited again, and it was a very emotional moment; one which left many stunned.

As the girl gets closer to the gate, the donkey realizes he’s looking at a familiar face. He then let out a sound filled with emotions. The girl grabbed him by the sides of his face and gave him a gentle kiss on the nose. The donkey continued braying as though he was trying to tell her he is happy to see her again. At the end of the footage which shows the emotional reunion, the donkey appears to be smiling.

Source: YouTube

When it was first uploaded on YouTube some 3 years ago, the video got over 4.1 million views. This year, it reemerged again and has been seen over 6.4 views on Twitter.

This shows that humans and animals are capable of forming strong bonds that can last a lifetime.