Dog with massive tumor gets a second chance

A dog named Hattie was surrendered by her owners to a local shelter, and they were shocked to see the massive tumor on the dog's side. Fortunately, her rescuers did everything they could and she got a second chance in life.


Not everyone deserves to be called a pet owner. When opening the doors to your home to an animal, it should be forever. Sadly, that is not always the case and many people simply decide to leave their pet behind when they don’t feel like taking care of them any longer.

A dog named Hattie was surrended to a local shelter by her family. When she arrived to the shelter, the people working there were left in complete shock by the canine’s condition.

Namely, Hattie had a tumor so big that she could barely stand on her feet. The saddest thing of all was that she lived like that for two years without her owners doing anything to help her.

 “It may be the worst owner surrender we have taken in,” the shelter posted on Facebook.

When they got rid of her, the owners asked Hattie to be euthanized, but the staff knew they could provide her with a second chance for a better life and decided to take her to Dallas DogRRR instead, where she was to get the medical help she desperately needed.

The rescue then scheduled a surgery with Vet Ranch who said that despite the huge tumor, Hattie was in good spirits and was happy to be around humans.

“It’s just so sad to me that she’s used to just dealing with this,” Hattie’s vet said in a video shared by Vet Clinic. “She just goes day in and day out dealing with this like it’s a bean bag chair, even though she has this on her.”

Luckily, the surgery which lasted three hours and helped get rid of the “beast” was a huge success.

“She was 41 lbs and now only weighs 26!” Dr. Kerri wrote. “I can’t wait to see how her personality changes without carrying this burden anymore.”

Once the “bowling ball size tumor” was removed, Hattie was able to find a loving home.

“She was happily adopted, and once again, a lost and abandoned animal has found their happy ending,” the rescue shared on their website.

She loves her humans and loves her burden-free life all thanks to the shelter staff who didn’t give up on her.

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