Divorced people on Reddit share the final straw in calling their marriage quits

You simply can't forgive some things!


It certainly takes a lot of courage and determination to decide a marriage is over. Despite the vows and the promise “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death,” things get though at times, and not many are willing or have the strength to continue being part of what looks like a relationship with no future. And yes, it is oftentimes better to put a stop rather than struggle and waste your life.

One Reddit user asked divorced redditors to share what the final straw was. The answers? Take a look at some of them below.


Reddit user Beagle_Bailey wrote:

My husband was cheating. I found out, and instead of immediately dumping his ass, I said, Let’s try to work this out, but you have to dump the girlfriend. His response: “But what if you and me don’t work out?”…And THAT was the final straw.

She Took Everything

broiled shared:

Probably when I returned home and found all the furniture, food and my wife missing. Another hint was the empty bank account.

She Left a Note

somethrows added:

I came home from work. There was a note on the table. She had dropped our two kids off at her grandparents, told them she was going to the mall, and left the country.

“I Could Never Be Anything She Needed”

scabbymonkey explained:

After 20yrs of marriage I realized that I could never be anything she needed. I wasn’t spiritual enough, didn’t make enough money even with working two full time jobs ( > 120K a year), didn’t know Jesus like she did and that every bad emotion was caused by something I either did do or didn’t do. I grew up with a mom that did this and it was frightening to see that I recreated my childhood to the tee.

Mean to My Son

scifiwoman wrote:

Him being cruel to my son (not his son, my son from a previous marriage).That’s something you can’t accept.

Caught In The Act

Written by Raven2002:

I came home early from work because of a migraine. Found him in bed with my best friend. Oddly, I was more hurt by her behavior than his. Broomed them both that day.

No Bedside Manner

fifyi shared:

I had been in hospital the night before and they had planned to do surgery for suspected appendicitis. It turned out not to be so acute so the surgery was cancelled and I was discharged and instructed to rest. By that morning, I hadn’t eaten for almost two days. Husband comes to the hospital to pick me up. He sat in the car about a block away with the engine running waiting for me to walk to where he was. He called his work to say he was taking the day off to look after me. In reality, he spent the day in bed or playing PC games. There was no food in the house and he refused to go grocery shopping because that was my job. By now I’m super hungry and still in pain from the niggling appendix. I asked if he could sort dinner for us. He pretty much picked a fight with me over that. I said I didn’t need this in my life and he responded, “Well we can get a divorce if you want!” I said, “Yes please. I’ve actually been thinking about that for a while.”

Apparently Not for Better or Worse

matt_may added:

I’ve mentioned it before. She found out I was going blind after three years of marriage and that sorta broke what was left of a failing relationship. She was gone three months later.

…In Australia

binary10110 wrote:

We had our problems, but the final straw was probably when she slept with some other guy. In Australia. Using my money to buy the air tickets. She also tried to make me pay for the divorce.

“They’re Swingers”

WendyWasteful added:

I was at home with our newborn and he didn’t come home one weekend. He finally came home at about 3 am on Monday and promptly passed out without saying anything. I checked his phone ( I know, I know) and there were pictures of his best friends girlfriend on his phone. He claimed it was ok to spend time with her and get pictures from her because she and her boyfriend were swingers. He doesn’t know that it’s not how that works. In a moment of rage I forwarded the pictures to his best friend. I found out they were not swingers when the guy got angry about the pictures and smashed the windshield of his girlfriends car. I took the kids the next day and moved out.

Dangerous Situation

Budhound1968881 explained:

He came running at me to push me down the stairs, while he was holding our baby. Still to this day, claims it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made him so mad.

She Wouldn’t Listen

daddy_oz shared:

She made someone else more important than me in our relationship. Despite being told by me, her family, my family and a relationship counselor she thought she was doing the right thing and that I would just hang around while she had her fun.The night I told her it was over she had plenty of reasons why she was acting the way she was and why she deserved to keep him as a friend. This is nearly 2 years ago now. The other guy lasted a couple of months after we split. She is now trying to justify herself by jumping from bed to bed with whoever she can.

The Child’s Perspective

marybowman wrote:

When his abuse began affecting the way my son viewed abuse. After my ex punched me in the face, my son said, “well, it’s not like he ever beat the crap out of you.” So done.

Clearly Cheating

Blaaamo added:

When I found an abortion follow up appointment letter. We hadn’t had sex in over a year.


cdc194 shared:

She wasn’t religious when we met, 10 years later she told me I was going to hell for believing in dinosaurs.