Devastated owner reunites with service dog after thief steals his car with the dog inside

Heartfelt reunion!


Service dogs play a very important role when it comes to assisting people who are experiencing difficulties, whether it is autism, PTSD, diabetes, or other illnesses, conditions or impairments. They not only offer assistance in case their owners’ condition gets worse, but help them with their day-to-day tasks and offer love, friendship, and compassion.

A man named Aaron Morris from North Carolina had his service dog Jolene stolen. He was at the gas station when someone jumped into his car and drove away with Jolene and all of Aaron’s belongings.

The heartbroken owner couldn’t believe his baby was taken away from him. In hopes of finding her, he posted online asking for help from the members of the community.

“People in the North Carolina area keep an eye out and tennessee area my poor little girl and my uncle’s car were stolen…[…] They stole my phone most my belonging and my baby girl!” Aaron wrote.

As hours passed by and no one contacted him, Aaron decided to offer a $1,000 reward for his dog. “1000$ please just bring her back WINNGRAY is where you can drop her off!!”

While Aaron was desperately searching for his service dog of 6 years, someone found Jolene on the street and took her to the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society. Unfortunately, since Aaron’s phone was also stolen along with the car and his dog, the staff at the organization couldn’t contact him.

Thankfully, they decided to post a photo of the dog and ask if anyone had any information about her.

A few days later, someone recognized Jolene and informed Aaron, who was over the moon to learn his baby was at a safe place. He headed to Morristown Hamblen Humane Society right away and the reunion between him and Jolene melted the hearts of a huge number of people.

Neither Aaron nor Jolene could contain their happiness. We are so glad everything turned out for the best.

You can take a look at the touching reunion in the video below.