Her reaction to dad’s surprise homecoming will make you cry

You'll need to grab the tissues for this one!


It’s been said that behind every great daughter there is a truly amazing man who makes sure his little baby is the most loved girl in the whole world. This relationship is the purest and the strongest of all. 

Source: Meredith Shealy Morski

When Iliana’s father, Army Captain Eric Morski was deployed to Nepal six months ago, it left the 10-year-old heartbroken. She missed her daddy so much that she would talk to him on the phone every single day to tell him about how she spent her time. 

Source: Meredith Shealy Morski

A few days ago, lovely Iliana was talking to her dad on Facebook during dinner time. However, this time it was different. As they were doing the small talks, Meredith, Iliana’s mother asked her daughter to take a closer look at the background. The girl went completely crazy wen she noticed familiar setting. Her dear hero of a father was in the other room. 


The girl’s reaction is a must watch. Simply priceless!