Daycare teacher leaves a spiteful note in 5-year-old’s lunch box

Francesca Esdon was horrified when she picked up her 5-year-old son Keeler from the Rocking Horse Daycare Center in Texas and discovered that in a letter she left in her lunchbox, the teacher wrote an ignorant answer...


Francesca Esdon is a loving and caring mom of a five-year-old boy named Kyler. She loves her boy to the moon and back and makes sure she reminds him of that every single day.

One day, before she left him at the Rocking Horse Daycare Center in Texas, she placed a note inside his lunch box which asked from the staff to remind Kyer that his mom is thinking about him and that she loves him.

Seeing the note, Kyler’s teacher decided to write a comment on it. But it wasn’t a nice one. On the contrary, the words she decided to put on Francesca’s note were disrespectful and hurtful, to say the least.

With a black thick ink, the teacher wrote: “No, put him on a diet and go away!” as an answer to Francesca’s message to her boy.

When she picked Kyler up from daycare and took a look at the note, Francesca was in disbelief. She couldn’t possibly understand how could a teacher write such a mean comment.

The following day, she asked to talk to the principal and explained how her feelings were hurt by the teacher’s message. Further, she alerted them of the teacher’s Facebook profile which contained references to drugs, alcohol, and other inappropriate content. 

Eventually, the teacher was fired, but Francesca didn’t receive an apology.

Speaking to ABC7 News, this mother explained how she didn’t feel like her son was safe at the daycare so she decided to send him to another one.

For more on the story and how Francesca feeled about the spiteful note go to the video below.

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