Daddy confronts his daughter about the 4 missing cupcakes in the kitchen. Her defense is hysterical.

I love this!


If you offer a toddler a healthy snack like broccoli, you will probably get a big no, no for an answer. But if you opt to treat them with some cupcakes, ice-cream, or candy, they are going to love you to the moon and back. Many times, telling your young child how sweets are not really the best choice, or how they are not allowed to have any before dinner, they will certainly not agree with what you are saying. 


This sweet girl’s father, Macario Aegeus, noticed how some of the cupcakes were missing. He wondered who could the “thief” be before he decided to confront his little girl. The “interrogation” soon turned into one of the sweetest father-daughter bonding activities we’ve ever seen. Oh, this is definitely too sweet to handle. 


The father asks his sweet daughter whether she is aware how there is a cupcake thief in the house. The sweet girl doesn’t even try to defend herself and readily admits taking four of them. What follows is both cute and hilarious. The father decides to “punish” the thief with some jail time, but she doesn’t like the idea and starts running. He starts chasing her and the two pretend to be a cop and a robber. A game we played a lot when we were young. One of the best things is when daddy speaks on the radio, giving a cute description of the suspect. 


These father and daughter really know how to have fun. Plus, they made our day too so we are glad he decided to put the whole thing on tape. It would be awesome when they watch this a couple of years later when she will be all grown up and “old” for any kid’s games. 


Take a look at the amazing time these two have. Isn’t he the best dad ever?