Dad of 6 suddenly collapses & dies moving son into college dorm

"He came through the door, and he was in obvious distress."


Jeremy Tillman was a father of six and was recently engaged to a woman who had six children on her own.

The couple were proud of their large, blended family, but then suddenly, Jeremy’s life was cut short.

Namely, one of his children was starting college and he was helping him move into the dorm when he suddenly collapsed. Emergency personnel from the university attempted life-saving measures but to no avail. Jeremy died, leaving his large family behind.

The Arkansas father’s fiancé, Elizabeth Goodson, opened up about the loss of the man she was planning to spend the rest of her life with.

“He came through the door, and he was in obvious distress,” Elizabeth told KARK. “He just had a very sudden medical event as we were moving things in. I guess he may have strained too hard.”

Despite the attempts to revive her fiancé failed, Elizabeth expressed her gratitude to the university’s emergency personnel for their fast reaction. “I will say the school did a very good job of assisting in every way possible and making sure everyone was moved,” she shared.

Jeremy was a devoted father and an incredible man.

“Despite working full-time and part-time at home, he rarely missed important events, and he always made time for movie nights, soccer in the yard, or pull-up competitions. He showed our children how a man should treat a woman, and how to be intentional with your word,” Elizabeth said.

“He was selfless, and always worked hard to ensure everyone had the things that they wanted and needed, often to his own detriment. He loved all our children, and was the epitome of what a man and father should be,” she shared with Today.

According to the family, Jeremy worked as a service technician for Cogswell Motors for 25 years and was loved by all his colleagues.

“To know him was to love him. From always smiling to cracking jokes, no job was too big or small for him to lend a helping hand,” the dealership posted on Facebook.

Arkansas State University also shared a statement regarding Jeremy’s untimely passing.

“Chancellor Todd Shields and Arkansas State University extend deepest condolences to student Jace Tillman. The university community will continue to support Jace and keep his family in their thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time,” the statement reads, per Today.

Jeremy is survived by five children. One of his daughters, Cassie Tillman, preceded him in death.

His other daughter, Hannah Brazil, expressed her heartbreak over her father’s passing in a Facebook post.

“My sweet father, this feels unreal. When our family had troubling news I had you to hold me, wipe my tears away. Now not being able to hug you and you tell me you are here breaks my heart. The smell of coffee coming off your breath when you talked,” the post reads. “the car grease smell that was on all the furniture in the house. Your crazy (sometimes funny) dad jokes you would say when I had slumber parties. The mornings where you would stop at the gas station on the way to work/school to grab me a chocolate milk and you a coffee. when we would be traveling to an away game and you would fart and lock the windows.”

“The random phone calls we would have after I moved out just talking about life. you becoming a grandpa. These memories and much more will always stay,” the post continues. “I realize now why you always told me I was strong, you new one day I would need the strength to bear your loss. I just never imagined it would come this soon. I love you forever. Fly high with Cassie I’ll see you again one day.”

We are so very sorry for this family’s loss.

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