Dad defends decision to let Pit Bulls cuddle with his children after receiving online criticism

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In the past, Pit Bulls were considered America’s favorite breed, but as time passed by and these dogs were forced into fights more and more, they became a synonym of aggression.

The truth is that Pit Bulls can be as gentle as any other breed, depending on who raises them and how much love they receive.

A father named Jarad Derochey, who is also the owner of MVP Kennels, breeding American Bully dogs, is going above and beyond to change the way people see Pit Bulls. Working with these dogs for many years taught him that Pit Bulls are extremely good around children; no surprise they were considered nanny dogs back in the day. However, he wants others to know that too, so he’s sharing cute photos of these dogs hanging around his kids.

But as much as the photos put smiles on people’s faces, many believe he shouldn’t allow his little ones around the canines.

In fact, after posting a photo of his son sleeping peacefully with one of the Pit Bulls, he received backlash, so he decided to take a stand. He spoke to Inside Edition saying that those dogs are very gentle and they would never harm anyone, especially a child. Jarad also said that he hopes his photos and videos will help open people’s minds about the breed.

“An authority of temperament testing in dogs proved that pit bulls were ranked at 86 percent of passing temperament, while the average dog ranks 77 percent,” Jarad said, according to LittleThings. “That means pit bulls are the second-highest temperament of all breeds.”

As it turns out, Jarad did help change the opinion many had about Pit Bulls as most of the comments on his adorable photos are now positive.

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