What Puppy Does Before Eating His Meal Will Melt Your Heart

Aww...This is heart melting!


This routine demonstrated by a sweet puppy and his owner melted everyone’s heart. It looked like an ordinary day where the daddy brought the doggy food and put it in the bowl and the pup was eagerly waiting for the last piece of food to drop so that he could start munching on his favorite meal. But, to everyone’s surprise, that is not exactly what happened.

The dog, no matter how hungry he was, knew there something that should be done before he started eating and it surprised everyone who got to see the video.

As the dad fell on his face to the floor, the puppy followed and the two started praying together. The dad thanked God for their food and the dog listened to him patiently. He said, “We are very grateful and appreciative for everything we have. Thank You, Lord, for everything.”

This wasn’t just a one time thing, but these doggy and his dad do it all the time.

It’s awesome how this owner taught his dog great manners.