Cutie Pie Goes Crazy When She Sees Why Moms At Hospital

As she slowly approaches mom’s hospital bed she asks, “What happened?” then realizes mom’s holding a baby in her arms quickly becoming a sight no one in the family will ever forget.


The arrival of a new baby in the family is the most exciting and most beautiful moment in the life of the parents. As for the kids, meeting the new sibling can either be a sweet moment that will touch the hearts of many, or it will make the older ones turn green with envy.

This adorable little girl gets to see her baby brother for the first time and her reaction is simply adorable. The mommy is beyond happy that her daughter instantly falls in love with the baby so she decided to share the first meeting between the siblings on the social media.


Although every parent hopes their children will always get along, it’s not always the case when the children are young. Now as it was the time for the girl to meet her brother at the hospital, the mommy was told she had a special visitor. And there she was, the sweetest little girl, now a big sister, all dressed up and more than thrilled for the meeting. She’s clutching a purple stuffy and has a look of confusion mixed with excitement spreading across her face. It’s obvious she is looking forward to meeting her new best friend.


When she sees her mother being in a hospital bed, she is worried at first and asks:

‘”What happened?”

As everyone in the room starts chuckling, the mommy tells her to come closer and see what she is holding in her arms. Then they ask her whether she knows who that tiny human is and as the little girls takes a look at the newborn baby she is over the moon and shouts:

‘”My baby brother!”


Mom tells her “yah!” Then asks if she wants to see the baby.

She says “yah” and walks towards the bed letting out a ton of squeaks and squeals. The scene is too cute not to watch.

She is reminded to go and wash her hands before touching the baby but she just can’t wait to take it in her arms and once she takes her coat off, she immediately reaches for the baby.

It’s obvious she is going to be one hell of a sister who will love her brother to the moon and back. She is a precious girl who stole the hearts of everyone who watched her lovely reaction.


We hope the sibling will always be by each other’s side.