Cute owls like you have never seen them before

Who knew these birds could be so fun to be around?


Owls are often portrayed in films and books as wise creatures who are at the same time very affectionate and friendly. These nocturnal birds, who usually hunt by night, are among the best-camouflaged birds in nature.

I guess people got fascinated with them even more after J.K Rowling’s books and movies about Harry Potter who had an owl as a pet.


Although some say that owls tend to avoid humans, the truth is that they are in fact sociable and only get aggressive if they feel threatened or if someone gets too close to their nest and their babies.

The video below, which is a compilation of cute owls, lets us see their gentle side. Some of them enjoy being kissed by humans, others have fun while taking a nice bath in the kitchen sink, and some even dance to the rhythm. All in all, owls are magnificent creatures, especially when they stare directly at you with their wide and shining eyes.

Who knew these birds could be so fun to be around? Check them out below, they will definitely make your day.