96-year-old WWII veteran weaves 400 hats for the Salvation Army

Awesome job Mr. Tom, and thank you for your service.


Not everyone can be part of the military, because it takes not only physical strength and devotion to be a soldier, but readiness to risk it all for the sake of your country and its people, too.

Tom Cornish is a 96-year-old veteran who is used to helping others. He served in the World War II, and even today, years after his service in the military is over, Tom still found a way to be of use to the people who put their life on the line on a daily basis.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the imposed lockdowns, Tom has plenty of free time. Although he has five children and many grandchildren, he is not able to see them often because of the risk of contracting the virus. He knows, however, that they are always there for him.

Source: YouTube/ KARE 11

What Tom does is weaving warm hats for the Salvation Army. “If someone needs something, give it to them,” he says. “Volunteering does something to a person. You’re working for others.”

This veteran, who lives in an apartment in Champlin Shores, weaves one hat a day, but there are days, however, when he finishes two or even three hats.

“There’s people here that want me to sell them, but I won’t,” Tom says. “I give them to the Salvation Army.”

Source: YouTube/ KARE 11

The communications director for the Salvation Army Northern Division, Dan Furry, says Tom is an inspiration and adds, “It goes to show people there’s something that everyone can do.”

So far, Tom weaved around 400 hats, and he even gives weaving lessons to other people at his senior living complex. One of his neighbors has already created 35 hats himself.

Speaking of his father, Tom’s son Jerry told Kare11 News, “This is how he got to be 96 years old, because he’s helping everybody else. Everybody’s more important than he is, in his mind.”

Source: YouTube/ KARE 11

Awesome job Mr. Tom, and thank you for your service.

Check out the video below to learn more about the work of this caring man.