Cruel owner abandons Golden Lab in the woods before getting into her car and driving off

He wagged his tail and chased after the car, but the woman drove away.


Owners who neglect and abandon their pets without a touch of remorse deserve a special place in Hell.

Footage from a home near the Vacouver Park, in Portland, Oregon, shows a cruel scene of a woman abandoning her Golden Lab in the most inhumane manner possible. She could be seen getting out of her Tesla car and taking the leash off of the dog before they go into the woods. Moments later, the woman gets back running, gets in the car, and drives off.

The dog runs after her but she’s already gone.


The footage was shared by a woman named Alyssa Ott who checked her home’s security camera after she was told by some of the neighbors that someone was lingering around her property for a long period of time.

“I was like, ‘I think this lady is leaving her dog down here,’” Alyssa said. “I saw her take the leash off and throw it back in the car.”


After the incident took place, the confused dog who had no idea why he was left behind and probably kept wondering where his owner was was taken in by the shelter I Paw’d It Forward.

Kerilyn Jakubs who runs the shelter said that after the story of the abandoned dog spread around, they received plenty of calls from people who wanted to adopt him. The sweet dog, however, won’t be put up for adoption until the investigation is ongoing.

Hopefully, the cruel woman would be identified and tracked down as soon as possible. For the act she committed, she could be facing charges of animal cruelty.

Below is the footage of the cruel act of abandonment.