Cruel mother and her boyfriend abandon her 6-year-old daughter in the middle of the street and throw her clothes through the window before they drive off

The little girl was seen running behind the car, desperately waving at her mom who drove off without a second glance.


A shocking video shows a careless mother and her boyfriend abandoning her daughter in the middle of the street.

The 6-year-old girl named Emma was in distress and had no idea what to do or where to go. Luckily, she was noticed by a woman named Mishka Peart who was getting home after she had finished her workout. Mishka said how she never works out in the morning, but that day she did, and it feels as though she was supposed to find this girl and help her.

The cruel abandonment took place at 140th Ave. from Springfield Blvd.

When Mishka saw Emma, the girl had a bag with some stuff in and another garbage bag. When Mishka approached and asked her what she was doing there all alone and where she was going, the girl started crying and said she had no idea and added, “I don’t know. They drove off and left me.”

Speaking to CBS New York, Mishka said of Emma, “She was very emotional and she was just scared.”

Emma’s mother, Patrice Chambers, and her boyfriend, Mark Pamphile, simply abandoned the girl. It can be seen on the footage how they throw her bags through the window and drive off while the girl is confused and waves at them to return.

New York Daily News reported of the incident and said that before the abandonment took place Pamphile left a voicemail to Emma’s father saying, “You better come get your daughter. Your daughter is in the street not sleeping nowhere. She is crying like a little b—-” while Emma could be heard crying in the background.

Mishka alerted the police about Emma and her mom and the boyfriend were tracked down in a matter of hours.

According to court documents, the reason why Emma was thrown on the street by Pamphile was that she wasn’t his kid. “These kids are a problem to me. This kid is her kid. This kid is not my kid, not my problem, not my responsibility,” he was reported saying.

The mother on the other hand said how she took Emma at her father’s place, not knowing there was a footage showing she wasn’t telling the truth.

The girl’s father, Watson, said how he and Emma’s mom broke up around four years ago and he barely saw his daughter ever since. He added how Chambers never drove Emma at his place although he agreed to take her after they called him. He said he had a doorbell video to prove that Emma wasn’t with him that day.

Later, Chambers admitted she abandoned Emma and said she did it because she was frustrated.

The good thing is that Mishka found herself in the right place at the right time and stepped in for Emma. “I am just so confused as to how people can just leave their children on the street with garbage bags. I’m mindblown. I mean, I am like in total shock. It’s like God sent me and put me here ‘cuz I do not normally work out in the mornings. I’m still in shock,” this kind-hearted woman says.

At the moment, Emma is under the care of child welfare services in Suffolk County who are planning to place her with a relative.

As for her cruel mother and her crazy boyfriend, they will both be charged with child abandonment and reckless endangerment. We hope the justice will be served and they will spend time behind bars for the ordeal they forced Emma to go through.