Couple Sees Photo of the Saddest Dog and Adopts Him Despite the Warnings From Shelter

"That's when she saw him. A dog that needed her now. The saddest little face that broke her heart."...Now take a look at him.


When you adopt a dog you don’t only get yourself a pet, but you are helping for someone’s destiny and life to change for the better. Because no matter if we want to accept it or not, most of the animals that end up at shelters didn’t have it easy in life and faced many traumas. Some were neglected and abandoned by careless owners and others were taken off the streets.

So, the next time you consider welcoming a dog, always consider adoption over purchase.

When a woman named Jessica Williams and her boyfriend, Jared, moved to their new apartment, the only thing missing was a dog. She knew getting one would be a birthday present for her but she just couldn’t wait until November and decided to look online and find the perfect furry pal for her and her partner.

As she was listing the photos of various shelter dogs, she stumbled upon the picture of Benji. According to the shelter’s page, Benji was a stray taken off the streets of L.A. and was apparently not a friendly dog.

But, despite this description of him, Jessica somehow felt he could be the right dog for her.

Jessica told Jared how she wanted to see that dog in person because she was aware that these kind of not so much loving and friendly dogs are likely to be put down and she wanted to give him a chance.

After a six-hour drive from Sacramento to L.A. they were finally there. The moment they laid eyes on Benji, Jessica’s and Jared’s hearts broke. The poor pup was in such terrible condition that it wasn’t unusual he tried to bite everyone around the place.

Speaking of her decision to adopt Benji, Jessica told The Dodo:

“I had never seen a sadder dog and knew we couldn’t leave him there.”

The shelter’s staff telling her she shouldn’t even consider meeting that angry dog only made Jessica more determined to take him in and give him a loving home. Because it was obvious it was all that dog needed; to be loved!

Benji’s fur was falling off as he had severe flea allergy. His snarls and snaps made it impossible for visitors to get closer to him.

Jessica knew no one would ever want to adopt him, and if it wasn’t for her and Jared he would have certainly died there.

Traveling back home with Benji was a difficult task as he was very wary of his human family. Well, he wasn’t even aware they were going to be his mom and dad.

Once home, Benji turned into a completely new dog. He gets to enjoy the luxuries his family offers and has a bunch of toys he loves playing with.

Running around Jessica and Jared is what he enjoys the most and he doesn’t want to leave his saviors’ side.

And yes, he now loves driving around and barks in excitement the moment he enters the car.

“He will also start barking the second we get in the car as if to say, ‘We have to start moving! Let’s go!’” Jessica says.

She knew Benji was the one the moment she saw him on her computer screen and she made the perfect choice. She saved a life and made hers and her husband’s more exciting. What Benji brought in their everyday is happiness and laughter.