Cops Called To Elderly Woman, What They See In Kitchen Sends One Of Them Right Out The Door!


Each day without fail there is a real tragic event that happens, we can ignore it and turn off the Television, even block out and ignore the news, but cops don’t have that luxury at all, they must watch and investigate! There are things that they see that can’t just then be unseen, these officers are constantly exposed to awful events and sights!

This one scene that officers Kristen Miller and Jessica Van, of the Gainesville police, saw was a sight they would remember forever, they were fast thinking and lept into action straight away!

They were doing what was meant to be a routine welfare check on an elderly woman, but the Georgia cops discovered something in the kitchen that made one of the cops head for the door. No one should ever have to see something like this!

We all think of cops as tough as old boots, but to be honest, they are just other human beings like you and me, this encounter with the elderly person had the two cops in tears.

Gainesville Police Department’s Facebook page described what happened:

“Earlier today Officer Kristen Miller responded to a welfare check on a 92-year-old female, her family was worried for her because her electricity and water had been out due to unforeseen circumstances. Officer Miller arrived on scene and found that all the food in the refrigerator had spoiled and she was out of water.”

Most folks are quite capable of looking after themselves, but as they get older, generally, people get less capable of looking after themselves properly, health and mobility reduce over time. But, this case the 92-year-old woman wasn’t even aware of the basic necessities of life anymore!

Facebook/Gainesville Police Department

For the sake of humanity no one should have to live in such a poor condition, the cops were really heartbroken by it, they sprang into action and made sure she had just what she needed and she was taken care of!

“Officer Miller found out that she had no means of transportation and couldn’t make it to the store. Officer Miller and Corporal Jessica Van immediately took action, Cpl Van stayed with the female while Officer Miller went to the store and purchased some consumable items and water with her personal money.”

One of the cops, Officer Miller, went to the shops to get some non-perishables, groceries, Gatorade etc so that the woman would at least have a little energy, some cookies because we all need some comfort food now and again!

Facebook/Gainesville Police Department

The Police Department also said that they are working towards getting Cynthia’s utilities all looked after too. Protecting and caring for the community is a priority, and it really does show too.

“The elderly female and her family were very grateful for Officer Millers selfless act and were glad to have her respond the way she did. This is what 90% of police work is about. We are PROUD to SERVE.”

This is just one tiny little example of the things that the police officers do every moment of the day that just goes unnoticed normally.

The officers really acted out of the kindness of their hearts!

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