Losing a family member and a friend is always very sad. So, when officer Charlie Kondak from Tarpon Springs, Florida, lost his life while on duty, it left everyone who knew him heartbroken. People describe him as a humble and kind-hearted man who was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need of help. 

He’d been working in the service of the people of his community for more than 20 years. 

Officer Kondak was a loving husband and a father of six. Unfortunately, his kids were now left without their greatest support in life and the family had to learn how to live without the man they all loved and missed so very much.

Kondak’s fellow colleagues received the news of his passing with sorrow and disbelief and vowed to always be there for his children. And now, as the late officer’s oldest daughter Aleena was graduating from high school, the cops kept their promise. 

With Aleena’s special day just around the corner, her father’s co-workers knew she was going to feel sad and miss her daddy so much, so they decided to step in and be there by her side. 

As she was getting off the bus with her prom date, all dressed up, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The cops didn’t forget about her and reminded her once again that they will be there for her and her siblings whenever they need them. They felt like they owed that to Kondak. 

Two years passed after the sudden and tragic death of the 45-year-old officer, and everyone missed him every single day. They all agree how his vibrant personality and his smiling face were truly one-of-a-kind. However, his kids are there to continue his legacy and always be there for other people in need of help. 

The cops formed a line of cars in front of Aleena and then got out of the vehicles and gave her loud applause. They told her they were very proud of her, and were certain her daddy would have been too. 

They gave her a bouquet of flowers and took some pictures and escorted to prom. 

Major Jeff Young said, “we were sad because we had to be here, honored because we can be here.”

All this meant so much for the girl who lost her father. Neither she nor the cops could contain the tears. It was all so touching and emotional. 

Allena Kondak said, “They always say ‘never forgotten.’ And I totally believe that because every day, they’re all texting me how are you doing. And they step in with things that my dad did. And they’re amazing. I love each and every one of them.”

Seeing what the officers from the Tarpon Springs did for their late buddy is amazing. He can rest in peace knowing his children and wife are taken great care of by the people who respected him his whole life. 

As for Aleena, she knew her father was watching her from heaven.

These officers are such a positive example of how things should really be done. 

Take a look at the whole story in the video below.

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