Passenger Records Boy Throwing Tantrum Throughout Eight-Hour Flight

After a child had a long tantrum on an eight-hour flight, passengers were all very upset—and the resulting viral video has stirred up controversy. Wow, this is pretty unacceptable. How would you react?


Traveling by plane can be exhausting. Starting from the crowd at the airport, the long queues at the security checkup, and all those people rushing and running around. So, once we are on the plane we hope we get some time to rest. But that’s not always possible, especially when there are young children and babies on the flight who wouldn’t stop screaming, running, and yelling.

A video of such a case had been recorded by a passenger named Shane Townley. The video has been viewed more than eight million times and has sparked debate over whether Townley had the right to call the uncontrollable kid who was screaming during the flight a demon. 

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The flight from Germany to the United States took eight hours and the passengers were forced to hear hysterical screaming during the whole time. It started even before the plane took off, but apparently the mother convinced the flight attendants that it will stop once the plane takes off. The boy could be seen out of his seat, sitting on someone’s shoulders. As the mother couldn’t make him behave she was asking the staff if the WiFi could be turned on quickly so that she could play him a movie or some songs that would hopefully catch his attention.

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However, it turned out the iPad could only keep him interested for a very short time after which he continued misbehaving, running up and down the aisles, and screaming all along. According to Townley, the mother was completely incapable of controlling her three-year-old son. He blamed her great deal of not trying harder to make him stand still.

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Townley further explained what was going on saying:

“My wife and I were passengers on this 8 hour flight. It was torture. I have the right to film my discomfort. The airlines asked the mother to leave the flight with the child before the flight took off. The mother lied and pleaded and convinced the flight attendant that the kid would be fine once the plane took off and he could use his iPad (internet). If the mother knew he had a problem or a type of autism, why wouldn’t she have a pre downloaded video or content? Anyways the flight took off and the kid never stopped for 8 hours… thats an 8 hour tantrum folks. Why did she have to wait for the internet or Wifi? Is the kid addicted to the internet? Doesn’t she see what she’s doing to her kids? Also the airline should have been more responsible in this situation as a plane full of 200 souls was affected for 8 hours of screaming and nothing was rectified yet as of now. Updates to come, keep checking back and subscribe to my channel for more.”

Many agree with Townley’s opinions, and a great number of people who have seen the video say how they would have slapped the kid if he was theirs. They judge the mother’s incapability to teach her son a lesson. They say how she said her child had behavioral problems, but still, she didn’t take action and let the boy torment around 200 people for eight hours.

On the other hand, there are those who believe Townley didn’t have the right to call a child a demon. One of the comments says: “Why is everyone talking about shutting him up, beating him, bad parenting? I hardly heard the kid say a word which suggests to me he is non verbal and low functioning on the autism spectrum. Stop being so melodramatic and actually show some empathy for the parents.”

Do you think Townley is right, or he should’ve been more considerate? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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