Céline Dion’s touching performance as a tribute to those she lost to cancer

This performance is pure perfection!


Many have criticized her for her skinny looks recently, but diva Céline Dion doesn’t seem to care. After the loss of her husband Rene, she’s doing her best to live her life to the fullest together with her children.

Dion and Rene’s love was truly one of a kind. She first met him when she was at the start of her singing career and he was always there by her side to support her in pursuing her dreams. So not having him by her side any longer was heart-breaking to say the least.

Even today, Dion is one of the best female vocals of all time.


A few years back, during the event Stand Up To Cancer, the star sang a song which was a tribute to all the people in her life she lost to cancer. Besides her loving husband, Dion also lost her brother Daniel, who was battling brain, throat, and tongue cancer, as well as her father.

Listening to Dion putting her heart into this incredible performance surely brings chills down the spine. It’s both wonderful and emotional at the same time, and probably a performance unlike any other you have seen before.

The song Recovering was written by another incredible woman and artist, Pink.

Take a look at the video below.