Catherine Zeta-Jones’ kids are all grown up and look exactly like their famous mom

Catherine Zeta-Jones' kids are all grown up and look exactly like their famous mom.


Being the son and the grandson of two acting legends, Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas, has to feel special. This is the story of Dylan Douglas, who is now in his 20’s and is pursuing a completely different career than that of his famous mom, dad, and grandfather.

Dylan’ parents married in 2000. When they first started dating, the story of their romance was all over the magazines, mainly because of their age gap of 25 years. But neither Michael nor stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones cared of the opinion of the public as they knew they found their soulmate in one another. “I don’t take any of this for granted,” Zeta-Jones told People at her wedding. “When I look at Michael, I run around like a little girl. I can’t believe I came into his life and he came into mine.”

Months after they tied the knot, the pair welcomed Dylan into their life. Michael had another son from his previous marriage with Diandra Luker, Cameron. In 2003, they welcomed their daughter Carys Zeta-Douglas.

Both Michael and Catherine, who are devoted parents, wanted to raise their children away from the public eye. Being celebrities of their rank, they knew their kids would feel the pressure of having famous parents, so when Dylan was just a year old, the family moved to Bermuda. Michael’s mom was from this island and he spent his summers there when he was young so he believed it was just the place for them to be.

“Bermuda creates an environment for us away from the entertainment business, and gives our kids independence and freedom where showbiz isn’t on everybody’s lips,” Douglas said, according to the Bermuda Sun. “It’s a lovely, lovely place.”

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Although they loved their life there, the family didn’t stay in Bermuda for many years. In fact, it was Dylan’s problem with dyslexia that made them return to New York. Dylan attended Windward School, which specializes in dyslexia.

Life wasn’t easy for young Dylan back then. His brother Cameron was sentenced to 5 years in prison and his father Michael was diagnosed with stage 4 tongue cancer.

As Dylan was doing his best to settle in his new school, his dad was battling the horrible disease. Thankfully, Michael ended up winner and Dylan overcame his dyslexia all thanks to his school.

In fact, during a Windward School fundraiser, sweet Dylan used the opportunity to speak of just how much the school has done for him. He also spoke of the impact his father’s battle had on his life.

His mom shared Dylan’s speech on Instagram, and everyone realized just how kind and thoughtful Dylan has grown up to be.

“At home, I was alone, but at school I was far from lonely. At Windward I was free. It was like the Mecca of dyslexics. In 2010 everything was normal again at home, I could finally see my mum again and my dad was cancer free,” Dylan said. “Everything was beautiful again.”


Back in 2010, Michael spoke of his kids and described them as “well-mannered, confident and worldly” young people. He said how dyslexia runs in the family and his brother has it as well, and added how he and Catherine are “old-fashioned parents who are proud of their kids.”

According to his Instagram page, Dylan is the founder of “Make Room Now” where he works as a Political & Outreach Director.

He is very interested in history, especially decolonization, freedom movements and first-time voting activism. He’s also into skydiving and other sports and similar activities.

“He just did a skydiving thing,” Michael said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “But I remember that age. It’s a hormonal thing, I think, for boys, testing yourself. I just think it — you know, what I did not like is he was the first one to jump. I said, ‘Don’t be the first one to jump!’” he continued. “Let a couple other people go off first to test it … So I said, ‘Okay, just don’t be first!’”

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Dylan is a young man who is grounded, just like his parents and who loves his family. His sister, Carys is also attracting a lot of attention recently. In 2017, she had her highly anticipated debut at New York Fashion Week. Back then, she was just 15 and stayed out of the spotlight for some time until she took the stage together with her mother once again. At the New York Metropolitan Opera House, Carys and Catherine slayed the runway for Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda women’s couture and it’s safe to say that all eyes were on them. This event made everyone realize that Carys is a spitting image of her famous mom.

Honestly, we hope both Dylan and Carys decide to follow into their parents’ footsteps in the years to come.

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