Cat stuffed in paper bag, left in dumpster now safe thanks to rescuers

A woman heard the sound of cries coming from a dumpster... police found a poor kitten stuffed in a paper bag. But now, this sweet cat has a new life after being rescued.


All animals are meant to be loved, but sadly, many of them are treated badly and often neglected. A lot of them end up on the streets as strays or at shelters praying for the right person to come across and provide them with a forever home.

A tiny kitten was placed inside a paper bag and thrown in a dumpster. Luckily, a local hospital worker heard the desperate meowing and contacted the local police to investigate.


Once at the scene, an Officer from Carilion Police looked inside the dumpster and that’s when he noticed the poor animal stuffed inside a paper bag. He quickly took it out and brought him inside the police car.

The kitten, which was named Toby, was then taken to the Carilion Clinic and placed under the care of Angels of Assisi, an animal shelter in Roanoke, Virginia.

Facebook/Angels of Assisi

Luckily, the shelter managed to find Toby a foster home. Once he’s old enough, he will be given up for adoption.

Toby’s life could have ended tragically had it not been for all the kind people involved in his rescue.

Once his story was shared, people couldn’t help but praise Toby’s rescuers as well as share their anger over the person who threw him inside the dumpster to die.

“Nothing but a monster would do that to a baby,” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Thank you all for saving baby.”

“I can’t even imagine how anyone could do this,” another wrote. “So thankful this baby was saved & I hope they catch whoever did this.”

We are so happy for Toby’s happy ending.

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