Cancer patient left fighting for his life after being attacked while buying flowers for mom’s grave

This is such sad news.


Marvin Herring from North Carolina was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, but he has never stopped believing that things may turn for the better. After the devastating diagnosis, he rarely went out and spent most of his time home, around his two grandchildren he loves to the moon and back.

On Tuesday, Marvin decided to go visit his mother’s grave, and on the way there, he stopped to buy some flowers. Unfortunately, as he was getting inside his van, one man approached and attacked him. Marvin’s stepdaughter Cortney Locklear shared what happened with WRAL News and explained: “[The guy] came up around the back of the van that he was driving, that was parked at the front door, and yanked him out of the van. When he was yanked out, he hit the concrete, hit his head pretty hard.”

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During the attack, the attacker took Marvin’s wallet and money, and left him fighting for his life. Police reported he then drove off in a silver Dodge Magnum with a black left front rim together with two other men. The injuries Marvin sustained were so severe that he ended up on a ventilator.

Courtney said how the family isn’t certain what decision to make regarding taking Marvin off life support.

“It’s just a really sad situation,” Courtney told WRAL News. “I get married this year. I really hoped that he would really continue to persevere through the cancer and be able to make it to September. But, unfortunately, we were robbed. We were robbed of many memories, and he was robbed of whatever time he had left here.”

Friends and Family of Marvin Herring…I ask you to join me this morning in praying for our friend / our brother. I’ve…

Posted by Felicia Collins Swann on Sunday, 14 March 2021

We hope Marvin would be able to recover so that he can continue fighting his battle against cancer. In case he doesn’t make it, the attack will become a homicide investigation.