Camera Footage Shows Stranger Saving Lifeless Child at Supermarket

Not all heroes wear capes!


Different people react differently in stressful situations. While some get easily frightened and start to panic, there are also those who stay calm and are able to pull themselves together. And it’s not about how brave they are, it’s simply in people’s nature to react one way or the other.

A video footage caught on the security camera of a supermarket shows how a man who found himself in a middle of a stressful situation managed to keep a cool head and save a child’s life. 

The video shows a distressed mother carrying her lifeless daughter in her arms and running around in panic. She then hands her baby over to the stranger standing at the checkout. As everyone is shocked by what is going on, the mother gets out of the shop to get to her husband. 

The father is as panicked as his wife and they anxiously wait for the ambulance to come, but the stranger who has the girl in his arms knows they are running out of time so he takes matters in his own hands and gives the child CPR. Thankfully, she starts breathing.  

This stranger became the family’s hero. He saved the girl’s life and they can’t thank him enough for acting that fast.