Brain Scans Reveal the World Happiest Man: His Secret is Simple

The path to happiness revelaed.


What does it take for a person to feel content and happy? Is is the material things they possess, or the constant urge to be better than yesterday?

Now, we don’t longer need to try and find what happiness is all about because science will do it for us.

According to a research which has been going on for quite some time, a person named Matthieu Ricard is the happiest person on Earth. So how is this possible to measure? Well, Neuroscientist Richard Davidson has conducted a research on Ricard, and a number of other partcipants, by having 256 sensors reading off his brain at the University of Wisconsin. The research was in fact done on experienced religion practitioners to find out who attains the most happiness from their religion, and Ricard, who is a western scholar of Buddhism by vocation, was chosen to take part in it.

Further, the research focused on the effect of meditation on the level of happiness. While Ricard was on meditation, he experienced an overwhelming sense of compassion which resulted in production of gamma waves, which are further connected to awareness, concentration, knowledge and reminiscence.

At the same time, all these positive feelings suppressed the negativity.

The research is known as “neuroplasticity” and is still in its early stage, but still, it shows the range of benefits it offers when it comes to person’s level of happiness.

Ricard himself is convinced that meditation can change the way the human brain is wired to think because of the society and shows the same impacts as to a person expecting to lose weight by joining a gym.

In the video below, he provides tips for keeping your mind to think positive. For example he believes that one should be in control of their mind, which doesn’t mean decreasing the freedom of their thoughts, but rather not being a slave of those thoughts.

For Matthieu Ricard’s TED Talk on The Habit of Happiness go below.

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