Boy got accompanied by 24 police officers on his first day of school

He started school and his parents didn't come with him, instead he was escorted by 24 police officers! The reason left even the teachers speechless and in tears, they didn't believe it was possible. What the child had done...


Losing a parent can be devastating for a child, especially when they are still very young and unable to understand why their mom or dad is no longer around. But you know what they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and the colleagues of a police officer named Justin Scherlan, who lost his life due to complications of an old injury he sustained while on duty, prove this to be right.

As the fellow officer left this world way too soon and his four kids were left without a father, over two dozen officers from the Amarillo Police Department in Texas decided to step in for the children and escorted to school so that they knew they were not alone.

Neither the kids, nor their mom Jessica was aware of the big surprise.

The most special of all was the surprise for little Jackson, who started first grade. It was his first ever day to school and it meant the world to him that he wasn’t alone on his special day.

Officer Jeb Hilton shared with TODAY that “everyone was having a terrible time regulating their emotions that day.”

He added that “it was simply one of those moments that truly grabs your heart, plus the fact that the family was startled to see everybody there.”

As he arrived at school, sweet Jackson took his time to thank each of the officers separately by giving them a hug as they stood in a line at the school’s corridor.

Officer Hilton said,“It was Jackson’s very first day of school ever, so we really wanted to be there for him and support him.”

This was a clear message that these officers will always be there for the Scherlan family.

“We spend a lot of time with each other on the job and go through a lot of difficult situations. We consider ourselves family, and we absolutely wanted to step in there and show their family that they will be taken care of,” officer Hilton said.

Isn’t this one of the most touching gestures you’ve ever witnessed?

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