Boss accused me of faking that I have a son & got me arrested after I asked for a week off to care for my sick kid

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The feeling of being unappreciated and undervalued after dedicating years of your life working for the same company can be devastating, but sadly, plenty of people experience this. This is one of the reasons why we shouldn’t put our job on the top of the list of priorities.

Experiences like this should be accepted as valuable life lessons that teach us our worth isn’t determined by one company’s perception.

A woman named Annie shared a story about her her boss who forced her to go through ordeal for no reason.

Namely, the woman shared that she hadn’t used her leave for the year, so when her son Kenny got sick and she needed to spend some time at home to nurture him, she believed it wouldn’t be an issue with her boss. Sadly, she was wrong.


When she called him on the phone, telling him that her boy had a high fever and needed to see a doctor, the only thing he cared for was the marketing reports.

“Are you serious, Annie?” he shouted. “We have our annual general meeting in two days, and you’re abandoning me now? You know I need the marketing reports.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she replied. “But I just can’t come in. And the reports are done. I emailed them to you yesterday morning.”

He, however, didn’t bother to answer anything back but hanged the phone.

A week passed by and Kenny felt better and started school. Annie returned to work, but the moment she entered her office, she saw her boss sitting on her chair and clapping his hands. There was also an officer there holding handcuffs in his hands.


“Annie,” the boss said. “Welcome back. I have a surprise for you.”

Before she could even react, the uniformed officer started reading her her rights.

“What is going on?” she gasped, suddenly unable to breathe.

“Annie, it has come to my attention that you don’t have a son. And now, you’re going to be punished. Well played, Annie, but you got caught in your lies.”

In the next moment, Annie found herself at the police station ad then at a holding cell. She was refused a phone call and was left trembling because she had no idea what she did wrong.

After some time, she spoke to another officer who granted her a phone call. Worried for her life and future, she called her friend Mia who was a lawyer.


Mia was quick to get to the station where Annie was held and took her case without hesitation.

“There’s something shady going on here,” Mia said. She talked to some of the officers – needless to say, a few voices were raised. Eventually, she was able to get Annie out.

Mia did some digging and learnt that Annie’s boss accused her of something she hadn’t done and then paid an officer to arrest her. The e-mails between him and the officers came to life following an investigation. The reason why was that according to the company contracts, if an employee is arrested, suspected, or involved in any criminal activity, the contract is to be terminated, and the company would take whatever money was outstanding.


In Annie’s case, it was her salary yet to be paid.

Mia saved Annie’s life, and she even offered her a job. She now takes care of Mia’s firm’s marketing needs and PR. As of her old job, the company offered to pay her $40,000 as moral compensation and good faith claiming that Annie’s boss acted alone.

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