Body of missing 2-year-old Emma Sweet has been recovered from White River

Rest in peace, Emma!


Rescue teams consisting of the Bartholomew County Water Rescue and Recovery Team, other water rescue agencies, as well as a number of volunteers, were searching for 2-year-old Emma Sweet after her father Jeremy was spotted by duck hunters in his partially submerged pick up truck last Friday. Both Jeremy and Emma were reported missing by the girl’s mother, but at the time Jeremy was found, little Emma was nowhere to be seen.

The extensive and thorough search ended up with Emma’s body being recovered from White River, some 2.5 miles downstream from where Jeremy was discovered. The body was found next to a pile of debris in the water, as reported by Yahoo.

Emma’s mother and uncle were also part of the search teams.

In a Facebook post on the Bartholomew County Sheriff page, Sheriff Matt Myers wrote while the search was still ongoing, “I have never in my 30 years in law enforcement seen such cooperation and teamwork in an investigation. I had no doubt that the men and women searching for Emma would find her.”

Speaking of the girl’s mother and family, the sheriff added, “I pray the Lord to comfort them during this difficult time.

“I again want to praise the first responders and all of those who came out to help search for Emma.”

It remains unclear how the pick up truck ended in the water. In the meantime, Jeremy was placed on the 72-hour hold.

Detectives spoke to him several times and he has given conflicting stories about how he and his daughter ended up in the water.

Once he’s out of the hospital, where he is being treated for hypothermia, he would be taken to the Bartholomew County Jail, as per sheriff Myers.

Rest in peace, Emma!