Boarded-Up Doghouse Was Found And Pried Open On Side Of The Road

A man in southern Los Angeles found a doghouse in the left lane of traffic that was nailed shut with a board over the opening. It was opened to reveal a heartbreaking situation.


This is the story of Walter Worthy Higgins, a dog who got another chance for a better life thanks to the people who never thought of letting his side.

When he was first spotted, he was trapped inside a crudely built dog house whose door was nailed shut with a huge board. People would pass by that tiny house but none took the time to check it out, until one man decided to contact the LAPD. Upon arrival, the police officers pried the board and saw the pooch staying with its head down, visibly scared and injured.

The officers called the Ghetto Rescue Foundation for help.

The poor dog spent three days inside the house with his wounds untreated.

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation

The dog didn’t trust humans and it wasn’t easy to make him get out of the house.

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation

But, stepping out of that place meant stepping into his new life. Walter Worthy Higgins was provided with the appropriate medical care and all the love he hasn’t felt before.

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation

This beautiful dog was placed at a foster home where he learns how to socialize with humans and other dogs. Once he is ready, he will hopefully be adopted by a family that will love him unconditionally. Well, that’s the least Walter deserves.

We can’t thank the volunteers of the rescue organization enough for being there for all those animals in need. Keep up the good work!

Make sure you check out the whole story in the video below.