Blue dogs seen roaming near abandoned Russian chemical factory

Something very strange was recently discovered near an old, abandoned chemical plant.


In the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, about 230 miles from Moscow, people could witness a very uncommon sight. Namely, the city is the home of a number of dogs whose fur is blue in color.

What causes this blue tint, according to animal activists, are the chemicals released from the nearby factory that produced Plexiglas and hydrocyanic acid, which is hydrogen cyanide dissolved in water.

Now, the question of how this chemical affects the color of the dogs’ fur is to be further investigated.

Some people believe that the dogs were in fact painted with certain chemicals, such as copper sulfate, a bright blue inorganic compound used in many industrial processes. 

The dye on their fur implies they had direct contact with or even ingestion of potentially toxic or harmful substances,” said Kelly O’Meara, Vice President of the Humane society International.

According to those involved in the investigation, the dogs haven’t suffered any illness as a result of the blue color of their fur, but that doesn’t mean the color won’t affect them in the future.

So far, seven of the dogs in question have been examined by veterinarians and experts.

Speaking to the news outlet the news outlet RBC, the director of the veterinary clinic, Vladimir Groisman, said that “the general analysis of their blood and feces showed normal levels for all of them including their biochemistry.”

Two of the dogs have been adopted, and hopefully, someone would provide home for the rest of them too.

According to Groisman, it is very likely that the dogs had been stained by chemical residue.

This isn’t the first time for such photos of animals to be posted on the social media.

Back in 2017, a photo of a pack of dogs with light blue fur had been taken in India. The results from the examination showed that those canines had been exposed to chloride illegally pumped into the river.

The Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources launched an investigation as well. They said that they plan to file legal action to allow regular spot inspections at the factory site.

The factory, which hasn’t been working since 2015, is now abandoned and that allows dogs to roam freely around the area.

Animal right activist hope this issue will be resolved and that none of the dogs would be harmed in any way.

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