Barron Trump taught ‘lessons of kindness’ at new Florida private school

Donald Trump's youngest son attends Oxbridge Academy as part of the class of 2024.


Former President Donald Trump could be heard saying during interviews that he wasn’t the kind of father who would change diapers. On top of that, his busy lifestyle and even busier schedule prevented him from spending enough time with his children when they were young. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not a devoted father. On the contrary, Trump nurtures quite close relationship with each of his children. In fact, most of them were by his side every step of the way during the presidential campaign and his presidency.

His youngest child, son Barron Trump, is rarely seen in public. Rumors were that he wasn’t allowed to speak to the media unless his parents allowed him to.

Well, for a child of a former president and someone influential like Donald Trump, Barron resembles a humble young man.

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In an interview with Parenting in 2015, Barron’s mother, Melania Trump, revealed that he loved playing with planes when he was young. She also added that he was allowed to draw on the walls and never had a traditional nanny as she was the one who was by his side while growing up, preparing his food and taking care of him herself.

“We let him “His imagination is growing and important. He draws on the walls in his playroom, we can paint it over. One day he was playing bakery and he wrote ‘Barron’s Bakery’ on the wall with crayons. He is very creative, if you say to a child ‘no, no, no,’ where does the creativity go?” she told Parenting, as quoted by Metro.

When Trump became a president, Barron was the first boy to live in the White House since JFK Jr. The three most recent presidents, Barack Obama, George Bush Jr and Bill Clinton, have all been fathers to girls only.

Barron was at the same time the only child of a president who didn’t attend Sidwell Friends. Instead, he studied at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland.

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Now, Barron attends the private school Oxbridge Academy which offers sports such as basketball, swimming, track & field, and golf. There is also a flight simulator at the school. At the same time, it offers various activities for the students, as well as lessons in kindness.

“Oxbridge’s Culture of Kindness includes learning how to listen and pay attention not just to what someone is saying, but how they are saying it,” the school tweeted recently. “Eighth graders Charlie Wiggle, Margaret Toner, and Marco Raffinengo participate in this exercise in dignity and respect,” ending with “#kindness.”

When it comes to sports, everyone knows that Barron is into soccer. Previously, he played for DC United’s under-12s, as well as Arlington Soccer Association’s under-14 teams. “When my son heard [president of FIFA Gianni Infantino] was going to be [in Washington], he said, ‘Dad, I’d like to meet him,’” Donald Trump recalled in 2018. “Barron loves soccer. And soccer has to be one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.”

Barron is 15 years old, but he’s already 6 feet 7 inches tall, which makes him the tallest person in the family.

Being the son of a former president, Barron will get protection. But for the Oxbridge Academy, handling the Secret Service will be a completely new experience.

“They want to have little impact on our day-to-day operations. They’ve done this for other former presidents’ kids. They’re fantastic,” Scott Siegfried told The Palm Beach Post.

It looks like this private school is all a student could ever wish for and Barron is lucky to be part of it.