Baby boy poops in front of his dog who won’t tolerate the smell and we can’t stop laughing

This is totally hysterical!


Little babies are super fun for a number of reasons. They do tend to change mood every now and then, but their naive actions often bring us to tears from laughing.

And when the little ones share their home with a pet, things get even better. Young children hanging out with cats and dogs has to be the best thing ever. The bond they are able to create with their furry pals is pure and sweet and they are likely to remain best friends for life.


But as much as the four-legged companions are patient when their human siblings make them do things they are not happy with, smelling their poops is a big no, no. Well, at least for the doggo from the video below.

The baby and the dog are sitting together while mom is filming them. The sweet little boy is having a hard time pushing his turd, and once he’s done, the dog’s done tolerating the smell too, so he leaves the chair and lets the baby roll.

Mom finds this hilarious and shares it with the rest of us. Well, mommy, thank you for that, because this video really made us laugh.

Take a look at it below and make sure you share it with your friends.