Arizona woman who collects Christmas trees has 106 displayed inside her home

She really got into the festive spirit.


When the holidays are just around the corner and our hearts and homes are filled with joy, we can’t help but spread the magic by decorating our yards and houses with lights, a bunch of Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree.

For most of us, one tree is just enough, but there are people like this Arizona woman named Jerri Fleck who go a step further and take things to a whole different level. Believe it or not, she has 106 Christmas trees and decorates each and every one of them.

As you are guessing already, there’s no empty space in her home during the holidays and no matter where you turn, you are likely to see one of her lovely trees.


If you need a day or two to put the ornaments on your Christmas tree, Fleck spends a couple of weeks decorating. It may seem like a lot of time and effort to some, but she truly enjoys doing that each and every year.

Some of her trees are decorated with vintage cars and stay inside the house all year round, with Fleck adding some Easter elements during that holiday. Some of her ornaments date back to 1906. And as some may say she’s definitely exaggerating, I’d say her place looks lovely and matches the joy and the excitement she feels for the holidays.

Take a look at Fleck’s story in the video below.