Animal trapped in snow gets saved by two railway workers

They sure had to do a lot of digging - I was not expecting an animal that big to jump out. They are true heroes.


When we think about it, the relation between humans and animals has always been a close one. We do depend of these creatures the way they depend on us. Being considerate towards their needs is something every person should live by. Learning how to understand their behavior may be crucial for the bond that is created between us. 

Above all, the way we treat animals speaks a lot about us as individuals, as well as human beings. One thing however, is for sure. If you do an animal a good deed they will be grateful forever, which isn’t really true for people who quickly forget who was there for them during rough times.

The story of the kindhearted railway workers from Austria is an example of how we should all treat animals, and that’s with ultimate respect. Because, at the end of the day, no matter how big or small, every life matters and is worth saving. 

It was early January and the country was all covered in heavy snow. The Austrian Federal Railways workers thought it would be just an ordinary day at the job, not realizing they will become heroes in the eyes of a poor creature in need of help. 



The two brave men were on the train when they first spotted the animal staying by the side of the rails. They tried to warn it to get out of the way using the loud sound of the horn, but it refused to move even an inch. So, when the train drove by the confused goat, she ended up covered under the snow.

As she was struggling to save herself, the two men jumped off the train and rushed towards the animal. Using only shovels and their strength, they started digging the snow while they were braving the harsh weather conditions. 

It’s amazing how the workers didn’t even hesitate a bit before stepping in. To be honest, not many people in their position would do the same thing. 

Thankfully, after some time, they were able to rescue the goat that was obviously scared and trembling. Once she felt she was safe, she was relieved and rushed towards the nearby forest. 



Every living creature deserves the type of kindness and compassion this goat got. 



We are thankful to these men for saving a life. This is yet another reminder that not all heroes wear capes. 

You can see the amazing rescue in the video below.