Angry mom hits her daughter with a sandal from 50 yards away and we’re all pretty impressed

A critical hit!


If you ever been a naughty kid or you are already a parent, then you are probably familiar with “the slipper.” Yes, your mom used to threaten to hurt you with it when you misbehaved, and now you use it as a secret “weapon” to keep your kids out of trouble.

A video that has gone viral recently made many people laugh only because they found themselves in a similar situation. A mother and a daughter were probably involved in an argument that didn’t finish well, so the young girl decided to leave the house. Well, it turns out her mother didn’t like that, so she decided to get outside and chase her daughter. The woman could be heard yelling at the young lady, as a man’s voice says, “Go on, hit her, hit her!” The mother seems to like this passerby’s idea so she takes her sandal off her foot and throws it towards her daughter.

Although the mother is more than 50 yards away from the girl who’s walking along the street, she hits her directly in the head. The lady falls straight to the ground. Even she got hit, people found all this pretty hilarious.

The good thing is that the daughter didn’t get hurt. Her mother’s intention wasn’t to harm her, that’s why she used her flip flop which isn’t heavy. But she definitely taught her a lesson.

The video was originally posted on Twitter and has been seen more than 1.4 million times. People are impressed by this mother’s ability to hit her “target” from that far.

“That lady must work as a sniper,” someone wrote.

“A possible first Draft selection for the @NFL,” another person added.

We do agree how this woman’s throw is even better than that of the professional baseball players.

Take a look at the video below. This is gonna make you laugh!