Amazon Package Thieves Pranked With Sweet Glittery Revenge

These unsuspecting thieves got "bombed" with an entire pound of glitter and to top it off, sprayed with fart spray. Their reactions are nothing short of epic.


Get ready for the best “sweet revenge” story ever. Mike is the guy who will teach bad guys a lesson they will never forget. This is both vicious and hilarious and it will make you burst out laughing. You really need to be a real pro to come up with something like this.

As you know, thieves are all around us, and when they spot a package left at people’s front porch, many won’t hesitate to approach and steal it. Well, this is what happened to Mike, who by the way helped in building the Mars rover, and yes, that’s how smart he is, so many times that he could no longer put up with the naughty thieves. He spent six months plotting the ultimate payback, which to everyone’s pleasure, was caught on tape.


The video has been seen more than 25 million times, and everyone agrees how this engineer’s plan is indeed ingenious. Mark explains that he didn’t take the law into his own hands before contacting the local police department. But, the answer he got from the officers was that they couldn’t act against the package thieves based on the videos from his security camera alone.

This witty engineer wouldn’t let the bad boys go unpunished. But in Mark’s world, the ideal punishment involved lots of glitter and some fart smelling spray.


Although being covered in glitter could be what young kids enjoy, we are certain the thieves won’t be as excited with the idea of being covered with all those sparkles from head to toe.

The fake Amazon package Mark built consisted of four cameras that would capture every angle, as well as a GPS that would track its location. Inside the package there was a bomb made out of glitter and the fart spray that will provide the thief with ultimate smelling ‘pleasure.’ At the end of the day, these people don’t really deserve anything less than being humiliated for their behavior.


Once the package was all ready, Mark placed it on the front porch, and it didn’t take long for someone to spot it and take it.

The clever engineer could now just wait for the person to open it and discover the glittery and smelly surprise. This is definitely a must watch that will make you day.

The moral of the story is: Never steal other people’s packages, because at the end, you’ll get what you deserve!