After Luke Bryan ask for their prayers, the crowd rallies behind him

Fans rally around Luke Bryan after he asks them to pray for him...


Luke Bryan,  one of the most successful and awarded country artists of the 2010s and 2020s, who is also part of the panel of judges on American Idol had his song Up released some time ago. The piece of music has attracted the attention of many not only because of the tune and the lyrics but because of the video which features significant moments of the life of the country singer.

Among the rest, it shows Bryan spending quality time with his two sons, as well as the kids bonding with their grandfathers. Bryan’s late brother is also shown in the video. Sadly, Bryan lost both his siblings. His brother Chris dies in a car accident in 1996, while his sister died in 2007 of natural causes. After her husband passed away some years later, Bryan took care of his sister’s three children.

Speaking of the tragedies his family suffered, the singer said, “It makes you appreciate chasing dreams, you know. You’re like, ‘Hey you get one go-round at this thing called life and it’s very fragile, so you better go after your dreams.’”

The video for the song has been described as emotional and moving by his many fans.

Recently, Bryan’s wife, Caroline, posted a photo of of herself covering Bryan’s mouth with tape while at home and revealed that he has been undergoing through a vocal rest. The fans from all over the country, and other parts of the world shared their sympathy and sent their prayers, wishing Bryan a quick recovery.

Apparently, he was cheering during the National Championship game and was very loud, which affected his voice.

In order to revitalize his vocals, Bryan attended the Crash My Playa Festival in Mexico from January 19th to January 22nd where he was was joined by some notable artists, including Dustin Lynch, Jimmie Allen, and Jason Aldean. 

This was a wonderful experience as it allowed the country singer to completely heal before getting back on stage. At the same time, he met new people and many fans.

We wish Luke Bryan only the best life can bring.

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