Adorable toddler sees a woman Irish dancing in the streets and decides to join in

Look at her little feet go! This will definitely bring a smile to your face!


There is really nothing as mesmerizing to watch as people performing Irish dance routines. This traditional dancing takes a lot of talent and skills not many can claim. Irish people consider this dancing style that demonstrates breathtaking footwork and balance a huge part of their heritage. If you’ve seen dancers performing this style, you were probably enchanted by those moves of high-kicking, stomping, rigid stances, and twirls.

The video below shows how no one can stay indifferent when the famous music that follows this routine is on. The lively rhythm is so contagious that this adorable little girl decided to join in and show this woman who is dancing on the streets of Galway, Ireland, how skillful she is.

Passersby are gathering around this adorable dancing duo and enjoy the sight. Isn’t this sweet little girl an Irish dancer in the making?

Take a look at her in the video below. You are going to love this!