Adorable 5-year-old girl walks up to the stage to perform rendition of ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra for the judges

Not a single person was prepared for Sophie’s lure, not even Simon Cowell, a notoriously tough judge, who burst out laughing as she entered. But when Sophie Fatu started singing, those expectations changed.


Young Sophie Fatu is a musical prodigy who is stealing hearts with her out-of-this-word singing abilities. America first learned of this beautiful girl when she took the stage of the famous show America’s Got Talent. Of, course, seeing how young she was, the judges didn’t really believe that such a powerful voice could get out of such a tiny human.

Simon Cowell, who is known as the toughest judge of all, started laughing as he saw Sophie entering. But just moments later, she left him in complete disbelief.

Although she was just 5 years old at the time, Sophie chose a demanding song, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Not only she sang it to perfection and didn’t miss a note or skipped a word, but she also used gestures and rose her hands whenever she was getting to the high tones.

Needless to say, this cutie got four yeses from the four judges who were mesmerized by her talent. Simon told her, “Sophie, you are hilarious, I want you date my son,” and as the audience burst out laughing, he added, “He’s just split with his girlfriend so I’m going to have to make an introduction because he’s gonna love you.”

Sophie on the other hand was listening very carefully and was left in disbelief by her favorite judge’s words.

Everyone agreed that Sophie was the cutest 5-year-old that has ever walked that stage and we can’t agree more.

For her stunning performance go to the video below and if you want to hear more about her and her equally talented mother go here.

In the years that followed this audition, Sophie became one of the youngest jazz recording artists in history.