A tiny Pit Bull pup with a broken jaw gets a second chance thanks to the amazing vets

The baby's whimpering is heartbreaking.


Some people are simply born to do what they do. Let’s be honest, it takes some very special personality to be a veterinarian and work with animals, don’t you agree?

Dr. Karri is a vet who is always there for any animal in need of help. She, along with her colleagues at the Vet Ranch and her husband, Dr. Judd, are working around the clock to make sure as many animals gets the right amount of love, affection, and dedication.

Recently, Dr. Karri treated a baby Pit Bull who was brought at the clinic with a broken jaw. The poor animal got hurt by her own mother. As Dr. Karri explains in the video below, the mother has been aggressive about her food, so when the little pup approached her food bawl, she attacked her. Of, course, they believe she didn’t mean to break her puppy’s jaw but was lead by her natural reflexes.


The pup needed a surgery and doctors feared whether she would be able to get enough nutrition. After the surgery, however, the sweet animal started feeling better and better. Her path to a normal life is documented in the video below, and it’s amazing to witness.