A three-year-old girl experienced dramatic moments

“My mother is tired, she is sleeping.” Unfortunately, it’s been 3 days since her mother passed away. The 3-year-old girl survived eating canned foods and she also fed the family dog until the neighbors found her. Here's how it happened.


Laila, a three year old girl from a small town in the south of France, spent days inside her family’s apartment with her mother’s dead body before neighbors decided to check on the family and discovered the horrifying truth.

Some of the neighbors got concerned for Laila and her mom because they hadn’t seen them in days so they decided to see if everything was fine. When they got to the apartment, they noticed it was locked, but then they saw Laila and her puppy at the balcony. The girl seemed confused. When they asked her about her mom, she said that her mommy was tired and sleeping for some time.

This raised a red flag and the neighbors decided to break the apartment’s door and get inside. There, they noticed chaos. There were plenty of empty beer and wine bottles all over the place. The kitchen was full of dirty dishes and Laila’s mother’s lifeless body was on the bed.

The neighbors realized that Laila spent days with her mom’s dead body. She ate canned food and even fed her puppy some.

Laila was taken by social services who provided her with medical assistance. Not much is known about Laila’s father or whether or not she has family.

We hope the future would be bright for this little girl.

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