A mother comes to her 8-year-old daughter’s school to pick her up and doesn’t find her, girl returns home at night with baby in her arms

A mother comes to her 8-year-old daughter’s school to pick her up and doesn’t find her, girl returns home at night with baby in her arms.


Raising children requires a lot of love, patience, and trust. It is the parents who need to do all in their power in order to shape their children into respected individuals.

Barbara and Edward Hunt, parents of an 8-year-old girl named Madison, decided to move places and settle down in Sausalito, California. When Madison turned eight, Edward insisted that she go to school all by herself. Although Barbara didn’t like the idea, she though it could help her daughter with her self-confidence.

One day, as Barbara felt nostalgic about driving her girl to and from school, she decided she should pick up Madison once her lessons were over.

She parked her car in front of the school and waited for her girl to get out. However, that didn’t happen. Two of Madison’s friends left the school and Barbara was surprised Madison wasn’t with them, but she assumed she was still inside. However, as over 10 minutes passed, the worried mother decided to enter her daughter’s school and see what was going on.

Once in, she spotted Madison’s teacher, Mrs. Blake, who was inside the classroom grading papers. When she saw Barbara, she told her that she was planning on calling her to see if everything was ok with Madison as she missed lessons and didn’t go to school for over a week.

Barbara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Madison would get out every morning, claiming she was going to school. So, what could have possibly been going on, she kept asking herself.

The first thing this shocked mother did was call her daughter’s number. Madison had a phone and a tiny diary with information about her in case she gets lost. This time, however, she wasn’t answering her phone.

Barbara called her husband and demanded he arrive to school as soon as he could. He was totally puzzled. If Madison wasn’t going to school, then where was she?

The worried parents looked everywhere, but to no avail. Finally, they decided to head home and call the police. But just as they arrived near their family home, they spotted their daughter.

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However, as much as they were happy to see her, they were so confused that they could hardly utter a single word. Madison was carrying a baby in her arms. Where could she possibly find a baby when she was still just a child herself?

Barbara and Edward glanced at each other, perplexed, and then the mom asked, “Who’s that baby, Madison? And who was the small boy who just left?” asking about a boy whom they saw waving goodbye to Madison. “Sorry, mommy,” the girl whispered as she lowered her head. “Can we please go inside and talk?”

“No, Madison!” Barbara said sternly. “You need to answer me first! Do you know how worried daddy and I were? We were going to call the police!” Madison shook her head. “No, Mommy! Please! They’re going to take Layla away! Please do not call the cops! I must keep Layla safe!” “Darling,” Edward told Barbara. “Let me handle this, okay? So Madison is the baby’s name, Layla?” he asked. “Where did you find her, honey?”

“Layla is my friend Terrence’s sister, daddy. His granny is sick and cannot care for Layla, and she refuses to go to the hospital because she says the cops will take Layla away. Layla’s parents went to the angel two months ago,” Madison explained.

The parents exchanged looks as they both realized that the baby’s grandma was afraid social services could take the little one away from her.

“And why didn’t you go to class, honey? Mommy called you today, but your phone was turned off,” Barbara said.

“I’m sorry. I go to Terrence’s house every day to look after Layla, so I don’t have time to go to classes… I return home when he gets home from school. We were playing with Layla today, and I didn’t check my phone.

“When I finally decided to call mommy, the phone was dead. Terrence’s granny was very sick today, so Terrence and I spent the entire day caring for her. That’s why I was late. I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you anything because I was scared I wouldn’t be able to play with Layla again.” 

At that moment, although they were mad at their daughter for skipping classed, the Hunts were also very proud of her for stepping in for a friend in need.

Madison asked if it was possible for them to take care of the baby.

“Well, honey,” Barbara said. “We can’t keep someone else’s baby like that with us, but daddy and I will figure out a way to help her. Let’s go inside now. It’s getting cold.” 

The following day, they visited Layla’s grandma, Mrs. Peterson. As she realized the woman was truly unable to take care of her grandchildren because of her old age, Barbara started spending more time in their house, helping with the kids.

Eventually, Barbara decided to ask Mrs. Peterson to move in with them together with Terrence and Layla.

“I am an old bird, and I am always worried about what will happen to my grandchildren after I die. I’ll be relieved and glad to know they’re in good hands if you take them in,” Mrs. Peterson said. But she eventually agreed to move in with the Hunts who started an adoption process. It took around two months for Layla and Terrence to legally become Barbara and Edward’s children.

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