‘A miracle baby’: Black couple gives birth to a blond, blue-eyed child and doctors are in awe

'A miracle baby': black couple gives birth to blond, blue-eyed child and doctors are in shock...


Angela and Ben Ihegboro are a Nigerian couple who settled in London in the past. When they were about to welcome their baby daughter, they were already parents of two and little did they know that their new bundle of joy would attract the attention of millions of people and would leave doctors in awe.

When they first laid eyes on her, Angela and Ben couldn’t stop looking at their daughter’s blue eyes and golden hair.

Source: The Sun

Being black parents and having a white child came as a shock to them at first, but it didn’t take long before their dubbed the little one their ‘miracle baby.’

Some people thought that Ben wasn’t the father, but he is certain that the girl is his. Even if the father was a different person, which of course isn’t the case here, little Nmachi, as they named their daughter, wouldn’t be that white and that different from the rest of the family.

Doctors and other medical experts were stunned as well. They still don’t have an explanation for Nmachi’s pale skin.

Source: The Sun

However, there are some things they list as possible reasons. One of them is that Nmachi’s appearance is a result of certain genetic mutation and that is she is to have children once she grows old, they will probably look exactly like her. The second reason might be the presence of long-dormant white genes present in her parents’ forebears which haven’t been shown until now. And the third reason might be some modified form of albinism, although Nmachi doesn’t resemble an albino child at all.

“She doesn’t look like an albino child anyway. Not like the ones I have seen back in Nigeria or in books. She just looks like a healthy white baby,” dad Ben says.

Source: The Sun

So far, Nmachi, who was born in 2010, is a perfectly healthy child. She only brought joy and happiness in her parents’ lives.

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